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Some of our achievements include:-

School children road safety program.

We continue to save over 10,000 school going children across Kenya with our school safety program.

Road crash victims online community.

We continue to engage and support over 5,000 road crash victims in our online interactive program.

The wheelchair campaign.

We facilitate fundraising for the purchase of wheelchairs for road crash victims.

Motorcycle driver safety (helmet use)

We engage various boda boda drivers with the aim of facilitating training, reflective jacket and helmet use.

Road user education & awareness campaigns.

We are working with the Ministry of roads and traffic police in various education and awareness campaigns aimed at influencing positive road user change.

Youth education and awareness campaigns (drink driving)

We continue to engage schools and colleges various education programs aimed at influencing positive road user culture at this crucial learning stage. These programs include: - debate clubs, creative writing and art design competitions in schools.

Advocacy and policy change on road safety infrastructure

We continue to work with various organizations with the aim of achieving the decade of action resolved by the UN.



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