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Usalama Watch Initiative is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization registered under the NGO’s Act in accordance to the NGO’s Coordination Board of Kenya. Usalama Watch Initiative is committed to reducing road carnage in Kenya and supporting road crash victims by offering emotional and practical support. We are committed to providing service through information, education and communication. Usalama Watch initiative maintains a data base that enables us to keep in touch with road crash survivors and their families. We envision that Usalama Watch Initiative will be the one stop road safety centre tackling all road safety issues from preventive measure to post crash care.

In Kenya today, road traffic crashes affect over 20,000 lives annually; making it the number 3 killer after malaria and HIV/AIDS. Road crash experts have advised that if left unchecked these alarming figures will continue to rise in the subsequent years making road crashes the number one killer in the country. We don’t have to wait for road crashes to be a crisis. As a nongovernmental organization, we have taken steps in identifying the gaps in our road traffic systems and setting up evidence based interventions that will promote road safety while promoting road users positive behavioral change.


“To educate, inform, advocate and empower road users in collaboration with stakeholders.”

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Results oriented
  • Professionalism
  • Service excellence

Our main objective:

To reduce deaths and injuries on our roads and offer emotional, practical support to road crash victims.”



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