Road Safety in Kenya & Traffic Amendment Bill

Usalama Watch Initiative; a non-profit, NGO registered under section 10 of the Kenya NGO coordination Act. The main objective of the organization is to promote road safety and save lives on Kenyan roads.

Each school term we receive reports of children involved road traffic crashes that result in injuries and fatality. Upon our intervention in schools road crashes and incidences involving children cease. Our school safety program is based on the commitment that no child should ever have to negotiate dangerous traffic on his or her way to or from school.

Too many of our children are being killed or maimed as they travel to and from school because our roads are too dangerous. It is in this respect that Usalama Watch Initiative is proposing a road safety partnership with your organization. Usalama Watch Initiative in collaboration with the task force members consisting of five organizations inclusive of Usalama are spearheading the amendment of the Traffic Act, Cap 403 to include safety measures for school children. Read more

Children road safety in kenya

child officers




Created: 31 May 2009



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